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Leading From Your Core Self 

I am an avid lifelong learner and intensely passionate about personal and professional growth, leadership development and organizational effectiveness. Through skillful consulting, facilitation, training, coaching and leadership, I inspire others take bold risks, realize their full potential and achieve greatness in their lives. Over the course of my extensive Corporate HR career, I realized that the optimal time to develop our future leaders is before they enter the workplace. I have since restructured and redirected my work to allow for increased focus on leadership training, coaching and mentoring for our
youth, especially at-risk girls and teens.

The common thread through all my work and programs is “self-leadership.” Once you truly know yourself and can effectively lead yourself and your own life with clarity and purpose, everything else naturally falls into place. My training, facilitation, coaching and consulting is based on the research-based principles and evidence from neuroscience and positive psychology, as well as twenty years of real-world hands-on experience in adult learning theory, instructional design, development, delivery and management of individual and organizational learning and development programs and solutions for several global high technology businesses.

Since 2015, as founder and owner of ENSO Life by Design, I provide a wide variety of leadership development programs, both live-online and onsite, for organizations, women and youth throughout the US and globally.

Debra Schuler ENSO Life By Design
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