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Summary Of Programs

Changing Human Behavior to Improve Business Results


“The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People®” Workshop


NOW at University of New Hampshire! Click here to learn more.


A virtual remote 2-day personal effectiveness training workshop via Zoom for employees, managers and leaders developed by FranklinCovey and based on the New York Times best-selling book by the same title authored by Stephen Covey.

Key Focus Areas

  • Personal Productivity

  • Vision and Execution

  • Building Relationships

  • Innovating Solutions

  • Personal Well-Being / Life Balance

The Power of Play at Work

According to the National Institute for Play, “without a positive play ethic, the climate for innovation is spoken of as important, but is not acted upon.” The Power of Play at Work can be incorporated into existing project or team meetings, professional development training or delivered as a stand-alone workshop ranging from one hour to an entire day.

Key Focus Areas

  • Play as a fundamental learning and teaching tool

  • Play as a trigger of suppressed innate self-expression and creativity

  • Play as a means of increasing happiness levels and decreasing anger, fear and anxiety

  • Play as a process that brings us back into the present moment, opening the door to inner calm, compassion, self-discovery and wisdom

Customized Leadership Development Training, Coaching and Consulting

Working with your HR and business leadership, we can conduct a needs assessment and partner with you to design, develop and deliver the right leadership development program for you.


Key Focus Areas

  • Individual Contributors

  • Managers and Leaders

  • Intact Teams

  • Functional Groups

  • Organizational Development

Rediscovering and Expressing Your Core Self


The “Redesign Your Life” Workshop / Retreat for Women

A 5-Session Workshop / Retreat (one Saturday per month over five months) for women who are struggling to be, do and have it all yet still feeling unfulfilled personally and / or professionally.

Key Focus Areas

  • Foundations of “Living Life by Design”

  • Rediscovering Your True You through Self Reflection

  • Rediscovering Your True You through Creative Self Expression

  • Reawakening and Setting Free Your True You

  • Coming Home (to You!) Going Home (from Retreat) and Staying Home (True to You!)


The “Mindful Woman Leader” Workshop

A 1-Day Workshop designed for current or aspiring female leaders seeking progressive approaches to boosting self-confidence, influencing at all organizational levels, living a more balanced life and inspiring other women to do the same.

Key Focus Areas

  • The science behind mindfulness to achieving true sustainable happiness and success

  • Reprogramming your brain to increase focus, clarity, creativity and achieve desired results

  • Rediscovering and reawakening your “Core Self” to effectively lead with purpose and intention

  • Acquiring new tools to become an authentic mindful leader and proliferate these proven principles throughout your organization


Personalized Purpose-Driven Career Counseling

Experience the 4-Phase CoreThemes™ Methodology to get to know yourself more deeply, identify and remove the "clutter" that is keeping you "stuck" in an unsatisfying job or career, gain the confidence and courage to choose happiness over unhappiness and create a realistic plan and strategy to discover true happiness and success in your life and career.


Key Focus Areas

  • In-depth personal history and professional assessment

  • Reflective and inspiring reading and writing exercises

  • Identifying and prioritizing your unique “Core Themes”

  • Developing and executing a plan to begin living your Core Themes

Forming a Strong and Solid Foundation of Self


I am passionate about impacting the positive growth and development of children and teenagers and actively involved in various elementary, middle and high school enrichment programs that help nurture and prepare our youth to become effective and successful individuals, members, contributors and leaders in their personal and family relationships, future careers and communities.

Key Focus Areas

  • Identity / Self-Awareness / Self-Respect

  • Strengths / Unique Talents

  • Self Confidence and Self-Leadership

  • Effective Communication Skills

  • Compassion for Self, Others and Community

  • Health and Well-Being

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