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Virtual Learning Programs

Leveraging Technology to Keep the Learning Alive

While many trainers are scrambling to adapt to the current demand for online learning, I have been designing and facilitating live online virtual training programs for more than ten years using WebEx, Adobe Connect and Zoom. I can facilitate your organization’s content or you can choose from my extensive library of “ready-to-go” courses, ranging from two hours to two days.

Personal / Professional Growth and Development

  • Time Management

  • Goal Setting

  • Personal Resiliency

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Change Management

  • Stress Management

  • Persuading Others

  • Presentation Skills

  • Decision Making

Supervisory / Management / Leadership Development

  • Communication Skills for Supervisors / Managers

  • Manager as Coach

  • Giving Feedback

  • Development Planning

Sampling of “Live Online” Virtual Course Participant Feedback


  • Motivational, able to keep session interactive.

  • I didn't lose interest at any point during the presentation. There were examples that very much helped absorb the content.

  • Deb did a fantastic job creating a safe environment and leveraging our small group #s to make it more interactive via coming off mute to respond real voice/real time.

  • Excellent in presentation and very knowledgeable with the course materials.

  • Very thorough and engaging.

  • The class was entertaining and fun, especially with the activities.

  • She was well versed on the subject matter, engaging and personable.  She was able to foster a fun and engaging environment which allowed for a lot of group participation.

  • Deb welcomed all answers and was a very thoughtful, respectful, and effective facilitator.

  • Considering it is virtual, it was well run!

  • Great job engaging everyone - particularly in a virtual session.

  • Deb made the course feel a lot shorter than 2.5 hours. I appreciated that.

  • Very interactive and inspirational, some technical difficulties but Deb worked through them and kept the class engaged and facilitated conversation.

  • For a virtual session, she did a great job!

  • Kept me awake at 4:30am!

  • The workshop was absolutely amazing. I learned so much and am very excited to start putting it into practice. Deb was a great instructor and is extremely knowledgeable on the subject. She instructed and facilitated the group very well!

  • Deb did a FANTASTIC job keeping us engaged and participating. The digital tools were top notch and easy to work with.

  • It wasn't just the content but the way the content was relayed. It was informative, applicable and practical.

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