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Programs for Women

Rediscovering and Expressing Your Core Self


I have amassed a vast collection of experience, resources, principles, philosophies and approaches and packaged it all into one singularly focused vision and mission: to help you remember who you truly are and figure out what you were born to do so that you can be truly happy, successful and at peace with your life. You are the designer of your life and yes, the journey will take work but it can also be a lot of fun!

The “Redesign Your Life” Workshop/Retreat for Women

A 5-Session Workshop / Retreat (one Saturday per month over five months) for women who are struggling to be, do and have it all yet still feeling unfulfilled personally and / or professionally.

Key Focus Areas

  • Self Compassion / Self Care / Resiliency

  • Slowing Down / Getting Quiet / Being Still

  • Mind-Body Connection / Physical Movement / Energy

  • Connecting with Nature and Beauty

  • Clearing the Clutter / Letting Go of Obstacles

  • Creativity / Self Expression / The Power of Play

  • Abundance Mindset / Gratitude / Generosity

  • Action Planning / Sustaining and Maintaining

Each of the five sessions will focus on one primary Core Learning Concept, building upon the previous and preparing you for the next. Consistently woven throughout the design of each session are opportunities for personal introspection, physical movement, creativity, social interaction, time enjoying outdoor nature and – oh yes – fun!

The “Mindful Woman Leader” Workshop

A 1-Day Workshop designed for current or aspiring female leaders seeking progressive approaches to boosting self-confidence, influencing at all organizational levels, living a more balanced life and inspiring other women to do the same.

Key Focus Areas

  • The science behind mindfulness to achieving true sustainable happiness and success

  • Reprogramming your brain to increase focus, clarity, creativity and achieve desired results

  • Rediscovering and reawakening your “Core Self” to effectively lead with purpose and intention

  • Acquiring new tools to become an authentic mindful leader and proliferate these proven principles throughout your organization

This 1-day workshop introduces the relevance and benefits of mindfulness (an “inside out” approach) and compassion to effective leadership in the workplace and provides an accelerated version of the “Living Life by Design” foundational concepts and practices. From there, practical activities, exercise, tools and real-life examples of where and how mindfulness is making a measurable impact on organizational effectiveness (not to name drop but, Google is at the top of the list) will be shared and experienced.

To learn more, schedule an onsite workshop at your organization or find out when and where you can attend a public session with other Mindful Women Leaders, please contact me.

“This experience was so valuable to me. I can’t express how wonderful it was. I so looked forward to every session. Incredible venue with amazing farm fresh food. Sad when it came to an end. Wonderful caring instructors attentive to everyone. Deb has developed a wonderful program. Helped me to understand the importance of taking care of and time for yourself. I made some great new friends and would strongly advise everyone to give it a try. You won’t regret it!”

Redesign Your Life Participant

"Deb's information and knowledge was the most valuable. I love the books she recommended and cannot wait to go read them!

I loved talking about the neuroscience behind mindfulness as well as the guided breathing exercises.

Each break out session was very appropriate and there were a lot of beautiful conversations happening.

It was just what the doctor ordered and top-notch!

It was fantastic, I still have a lot to unpack!"

Mindful Woman Leader Participant

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